Building survey

More suitable for most properties in France, this is a comprehensive type of survey. It is especially recommended for older buildings, those constructed out of unconventional materials, stone or timber; and properties which have had lots of alterations or extensions, or which you intend to alter or renovate. The level of detail is higher than that found within a Pre-purchase Survey report and as such, a building survey is more expensive.

The surveyor will check the property thoroughly, looking at everything that is visible or accessible to examine the soundness of the structure, its general condition and all major or minor faults. Attention will be paid to aspects such as foundations, roof structure, damp-proofing etc.
The extent of inspection and the method of reporting will be agreed when the client instructs a surveyor to proceed and will be confirmed in the “Conditions of Engagement”; including such matters as specialist reports (e.g. focus on services; environmental aspects etc). Guidance and detailed comment will be given on individual defects, cost of repair and any other aspects of concern.

Attention is drawn to any legal matters that may affect the property.

The report you receive will be extremely thorough and long, as surveyors are legally obliged to inform you of all the findings of the survey. Don’t necessarily be put off if it seems that endless defects are listed. Every house has some defects and surveyors tend to show the worst-case scenario for anything they discover! You will be provided with a list of approximate prices for repairs and maintenance work, which will also tend to over rather than under-estimate prices.

The Building Survey can include a valuation report if required.